Thursday, 30 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire" Episode 8

😏One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 😏

Episode 8

Scarlett POV

"Mom you need to see this" i said as I showed my mom a video footage of the girl that challenged Jeffery yesterday

"Woow Jeffery finally met his match hmmm this is gonna be interested " mum said

"She is pretty mom" I said 

" Yeah I wonder why your brother wants to deal with her ,I mean why can't he just ask her out already" mom said and laughed

" Let's bet mom Jeffery is gonna fall for her pretty soon " I said with a raised eyebrows

"Impossible Scarlett, almighty Jeffery with the ego big as a mountain fall for an ordinary girl I doubt that dear" mom said grinning

"Nevertheless am still placing a bet on her 5million is the bet" I said with a smirk

"Hmm that's huge . okay then am game " she said and took my hand as we burst into laughter

"Let's just seat back and enjoy the show" i said

Romeo's POV

" She will be there any minute do it now ,and make sure to disgrace her too" I said to mr Perez 

"Consider it done sir" he said and left my office

Round two of my plan to break that Rihanna girl just began and I won't back down till she begs for mercy

Rihanna POV

I grabbed my breakfast in a hurry for I was late for work

"Bye grandma" I said and ran out side where I got a cab immediately

I arrived at the hospital a short while but strangely all the people that normally greets me were looking at me with disgust even when I greeted them I didn't get response

Okay what was that all about??

I got to the reception desk where am gonna sign in but the nurse stopped me

"Sorry Rihanna but you no longer have the right to do that" she said

Okay this is confusing

"Says who?" I asked

"Says me" the hod Mr Perez answered me

"Good morning sir I don't understand what's going on here" I said with curiosity

"What's there to understand you little thief " he said

"Huh  I beg your pardon mr Perez" I said in between clenched teeth

"You heard me right ,how could you do this Rihanna I thought you were a decent and honest girl I never knew you were a thief in disguise,would have handed you over to the police for stealing the hospital equipment but because of my generosity am gonna spare you but am sorry you can no longer work her" he stopped the bomb

"Wh This is a joke right??" I said as tears came rushing out

"This is your sack letter now leave this place before I call the cops" he said

My legs went numb instantly I couldn't see clearly 

My whole body became shaky ,I tried to move but I couldn't

I fell and blacked out





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