Wednesday, 29 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire" Episode 6

😏One night with a Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 6
💗 Rihanna 💗

No that's not possible they can't do that to us this is our property 

"Where do they want us to stay if they demolish this house" I yelled and ran to one of the workers and dragged him by the collar

"Who is the wicked soul that bought this building" I barked at him making him flinch

"It's Jeffery Martinez" he said

I was shocked to the bone,was that what he meant when he said he was not done with me yet

I pulled off my shoes and ran angrily to the road barefoot immediately I saw a taxi I boarded it straight to Jeffery's mansion

Am gonna teach that beautiful bastard a lesson of his life

He is mad to think I will beg him when I no I didn't wronged him.

I got to the gate shortly the security guards stopped me from entering they said I need an appointment before entering

What they don't know is that am a very crazy person

"Let me in now !!, I barked at them

"We are sorry miss but you can't come in not when you looking like a street thug" one of the guard said

This infuriated me the more I was forced to take action

I kicked the first one right at the forbidden zone
Sent two flying punchs at the remaining two before kicking them at the forbidden zone too

They fell to the ground in pain

That should hold them

I barged into his compound shouting his name at the top of my lungs

He ran out later looking angry but I don't f***king care

"Who gave you the audacity to barge into my house like that" he yelled at me

" You are a miserable mad man if you think buying my house will make me beg you then you lie ,I won't go down without a fight" I threatened with a pointed finger

"Bring it on bitch,do the right thing while there is still time or else I will make each member of your fillty family suffer" he growled

" Do your worst am not scared of you or anyone this is just a warning mr Jeffery Martinez,you can't take my house you will have to go through me d**khead see you in court" I said and walked away

He just stood there grinning

I got to where is guards are,I unleashed my anger on them by kicking their butts once more before leaving the place

The battle line had been drawn between me and Jeffery Martinez





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