Wednesday, 29 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire" Episode 5

😏One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 😏

 Episode 5

πŸ’— Jeffery πŸ’—

"She is Rihanna Adams ,age 22 doesn't have parents just her grandmother and sister victoria who just applied for a scholarship exams but still need a loan of $200,000" my info said

Hmm so her name is Rihanna Adams huh this is gonna be fun

I must make her bow down to me and apologize for her stupid character

"Call the bank manager tell him to decline Rihanna Adams loan or else he will loose his job and also call the agents In charge of her house ,tell them Jeffery Martinez wants to buy that house today" I said and light my cigarette

"Very well boss" he said before walking away

Rihanna Adams ! Am gonna make you suffer  in this city unless you bow down to me

πŸ’— Rihanna POVπŸ’—

This is so faustrating,what kind of shit is this now

How can they decline my loan when my application has already been verified

That money was supposed to be used for Vicky's school Money

God what do I do now ,my salary ain't even enough besides I need the money urgently

How can they do this to me huh.

I walked away dejected my scooter is having Issues so I had to use the public transportation

I was wandering around thinking about the next step to get the money  ASAP when someone drove by me with speed

Splashing stagnant water at me.

"Oh my God" I gasp as my whole body was dripping wet

The person reverse back with speed and stopped infront of me 

Behold it was mr rude jerk

I should have known he was the one

" How do you like the water cause that's where people like you belong and that's where you will soon be" he said with a smirk

What does he mean by that??

"You know what !!you too stupid and proud too,nigga who the hell Are you that you think everyone should be scared of, you nothing but disgraceful jerk stop bothering me for goodness sake " I barked at him

"Drop your ego kiss my feet and beg me to forgive you bitch" he said proudly

"Over my dead body " I spat at his face and walked away angrily

"Am done with you yet" he yelled after me

Who does he think he is 

I boarded a taxi to my house after covering alittle distance on foot.

I got home shortly only to meet some strange faces around the house
Grandma had a sad face I knew instantly that something was wrong

" Grandma what's going on her" I asked immediately I got close to her

"Hmm Anna I don't know what we have done to anyone that they wanna disgrace us like this" she lamented

"I don't understand Grandma what are you talking about" I said curiously

"Our house has been bought by one rich man and he had for us to vacate the premises immediately because they are going to demolish the whole building" grandma dropped the bomb

I was dumb found.

"" I stammered




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