Friday, 31 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 9

😏One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 😏

         Episode 9

💗 Jeffery's POV 💗

"It is done boss" Scott said 

"Good make sure no company or organization wants to hire her'"I said with a satisfying grin

"Noted boss " Scott said and walked away

This girl thinks am done yet ,news flash am just getting started with her

She will regret ever crossing paths with me

Rihanna POV

I woke up with a pounding head ache.

I scanned the whole place that was when it dawned on me that I was at the hospital room.

Event of me being accused of stealing came flashing 

I couldn't help but she more tears , God knows I would never do that

Just then the door was pushed open by Mr Perez

"I can see you are okay please kindly park your stuff's and leave the hospital right now" he said furiously


I wander around the city with no destination in my mind to go.

How do I face grandma and Vicky?

What do I tell them, have lost the only source of income for my family!

What wrong have I done to anyone that wants me to sacked.!

I walked towards the park but a voice stopped me.i need no prophet to tell me who it was

"Give up now or suffer the consequences" he scoffs

"I have morals and values ,I won't dignity just to satisfy your ignorant self" i shouted at him

 He smirked 
"Look who is talking about morals and values, Rihanna Adams you have no dignity nor self respect you just a lowlife and a common thief" he said proudly

What?? Do that mean he was the one that framed me up??

"What did you just say?" I asked to be sure of what I heard

"You heard me right sweetie you just a common thief and a cheap slut too" he said

Okay that's it I was forced to slap him but he caught my hand mid way

"No no Rihanna Adams don't even think about it," he said still holding my hand and gave it a squeeze

"Let go of me you imbecile" I barked at him

"The next time you try to raise your fillty hands at me I wont hesitate to cut them off" he said and push me off 

Before walking away




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