Thursday, 30 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 7

😏One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 😏

         Episode 7

💗 Jeffery 💗

Yes this is just the beginning, am just getting started.... wait till I hit where it hurts the most

I called mark 

📞 Track down the location of Rihanna Adams and send me coordinate" I said and hang up

Check mate Rihanna Adams watch out for round two

Rihanna POV

We got a place to stay thanks to my friend Chelsea she gave us her parents old house ,she said we stay as long as we want

Am indeed greatful for what she has done for my family

Grandma is still sad and Vicky isn't any better that bastard ruin everything for me

I was still unpacking boxes when a knock came on the door 

Who could that be cause I wasn't expecting anyone

I left what I was doing and opened the door only to see the proud peacock standing In front of my door 

"What do want here" I said with anger

"Nothing I just came to see the fate of the person that challenged me ," he said mockingly

" As you can see mister am not dead yet and my family is doing just fine" I groaned

"Family?? You call that family ?? A set of gold diggers that's what you called family?" He said

This infuriated me, there was a water jug close to me I picked it up and splashed it on him

His eyes turned red instantly 

"How dare you " he said and grabbed hold of my neck before slamming me to a wall

I couldn't breathe properly as I struggled with him

"Let me go you bastard" I managed to say

"How dare you huh, drop that moral outrage you nothing but a gold digger looking for someone to suck dry stop pretending" he barked at me 

He let go of my and walked away angrily

I tried to steady my breath as his fingers left a mark on my neck

Hot tears roll down my cheeks

What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment,I never asked him to give me  money or try to be close to him 

Why is he calling my family gold diggers

Rich folks are always cruel 
I stood and dried my tears before going back to unpacking boxes




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