Tuesday, 28 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 4

One Night With A Billionaire  Boy 

Episode 4

Rihanna POV

Ptweew that was a close one,once again I excaped from that arrogant man.

I got to my neighborhood a short while,after making sure my scooter is well parked I walked into my apartment

Only to be welcomed with a beautiful aroma. actually I live with my sister and grandma 

They are the only family have got since I lost my parents to a ghostly car accident

That was the reason why I resulted to working as a nurse now that proud thing wants to take it away

I walked towards the kitchen and found grandma emelda cooking 

"Good afternoon grandma" I greeted as she turned

She smiled and played with my hair,yeah that's what she always does to her she still thinks am a little kid but I love it anyway

"Afternoon my child how was work at the hospital today" she responded

I let out a faustrating air before answering

"Never been better ma" I said and walked sluggishly to the sofa

" Hmm I see anyways I made spaghetti meat ball with tomato sauce your favorite" she said with a smile

I just nodded

" Granny Vicky ain't back from school yet?" I asked and glance at the old wall clock in the mini living room 

" Not yet dear maybe she got caught up with her peers " replied

I shrug and walked away to my room right now I need all the sleep I can get to forget today's event

I will be registering Vicky for the scholarship exams and statistics tutorial tomorrow morning
U I know she's going to be very happy 

Have been working hard just to fulfill her dreams of becoming an accountant general.

I got inside my room and jumped on my bed 

My mind drifted off to the proud peacock

I must say he is drop dead gorgeous with those small pink lips any lady would drool  over his Demi God looks but am not part of those ladies tho

He is  a rude and arrogant jerk his attitude makes me wanna puke but still he is very Handsome

I laughed so hard at my own words before drifting off to sleep





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