Tuesday, 28 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 3

One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

Episode 3


My goodness yuck !!! Did she just throw dirty water at me.?

Eww I think am gonna be sick ,I better get myself treated ASAP before I get infected

Now am determined to deal with her for real

I took out my phone and put a call across one of my boys he picked up the call immediately

 Pick me up with the copper at the blocked road " I said sternly not waiting for his reply I hanged up

How dare that brat test my patience huh

Am gonna ask one of  my boys to do a background check on her then I can be able to teach her a lesson

I will not only make her life miserable but am also gonna make the city unbearable for her.

I got into my car and pulled of my suit jacket and dump it on the floor through the car window,I just throw away somebody's 3 years salary

Yeah that's how rich I'm

Soon my chopper was in sight ,I left the car and walked to where it landed

The pilot gasps on seeing a stain on my clothe

He knows what's gonna be the Fortune of the person that did this mess

"Hilltop" I commanded sternly

Hilltop is one of my numerous hotels in the city,it's kinda my relaxation place.


Got to the he rooftop of the hotel ,I came down and walked into the building majestically I ignored the greetings from my staffs cause it isn't necessary

I got into my suites and rushed into the bathroom to take a very warm shower and scrub off this fillt that bitch try to contaminate me with

As soon as I was done I picked up my cell phone and called mark

Surprisingly I memorized the number on her scooter before she ran away

Good afternoon boss" he greeted from the other side of phone but I ignored and went straight to the reason why I had called him

Mark I want you to track down the owner of this number plate which am gonna call to you now" I said with authority

 Okay boss " he replied

355_6784" I need details ASAP mark " I said and ended the call

Just can't wait to get my hands on that lowlife




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