Monday, 27 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 2

One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

 Episode 2

Jeffery POV

Hold up did she just walk out on me??? 

She gat nerves too bad that won't stop me from dealing with her. 

I walked outside proudly and searched the hospital but she was no where to be found and Also  the doctor with her earlier was gone too

This made my blood boil now am determined to deal with her for real

I just need to think of a way to deal with her 

Rihanna POV 

Immediately I left the ward where that spoilt brat was I ran to my locker I took my bag and changed my uniform before 

running outta the hospital to my motorcycle and rode off to avoid getting into trouble with that beautiful bastard

My motorcycle had some issues not far from the blocked road
I parked it properly trying to figure out what's its problem when a flashy car rode  towards me almost hitting me but he stopped right on time. 

I was so pissed how dare this person try to run me over

He came down from his car with sun glasses on

Argh!!!  Its that proud peacock 

"Woa you again!!  Are you trailing me now" I barked at him 

He smirked and removed his sunglasses 

"And why would I do that!  You below my standard and too small for me to handle " he said proudly 

His words hurt a bit 

" since nobody is up to your standard why not commit suicide and save us the trouble peacock " I said angrily 

I guess that got him pretty much as his face changed instantly 

"How dare you bitch '" he roared coming closer

Somehow I wasn't scared for I have a plan to put him in his place

"Bow down to my feet and beg for mercy or else I would make this city and your life miserable " he growled 

"Never!!!  You not God but a mere mortal like me over my dead body " I scoffed

He kept coming closer, I saw a stagnant water that looks like mud because it was thick

I ran to it and fetch a large quantity with my hand before splashing it on his clothes 

"What the heck " he yelled

I stuck my tongue out before taking my bike and rode off thank goodness the motorcycle started working or am dead meat





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