Monday, 27 January 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 1

One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

Episode 1

Jeffery POV

"Let them stop everything right away " I barked at the hospital and everyone directed their gaze at me wondering who I was 

I had brought my mother to the hospital ,she's suffering from a terrible disease and had suddenly started misbehaving this morning. 

But the doctors seems to be slow in attending to me and I was so much pissed up. My father and I sorted the hospital out when they were in debt so I have all the absolute right to do all that I want and no one born of a woman can not ask why. 

The doctors stared rallying around in fear , taking my mom into the ward to quickly attend to her while I followed.

They stopped attending to everyone in the hospital for a while just because I barked and ever workers gets scared because they know that a single word from me can make them loose their job. 

"You can continue attending to them " I said proudly and the nurses and doctors resume work.

I walked towards the ward where my mom is to be treated and I met a doctor coming towards that direction 

"How is my mom? Have you commented work already?" I asked 

"Yes , we have sir...but please let us handle it , You can wait for her outside " The doctor suggested but that simply made me angry. 

Is this doctor crazy at all? Does he know who I am to this hospital? 

I didn't say a word instead I mastered his name in the uniform he was putting on and put a call through to their manager. 

"Fire Mr. Judge right away from this hospital " I commanded and walked away from the man. 

"Sir...I'm sorry sir..I'm...never meant to..." he kept pleading but I didn't listen instead I walked inside the ward and sat by a stool not too far from where my mom is.

"I just fired one of you,don't tell me to leave , commence work right away and make it snappy " I commanded the  doctor and  nurse present there. 

Rihana's POV

Who the hell is this man that is behaving like god. He should just allow the doctor and I do this job and stop behaving like he's actually feeding us. 

I loathed him so much. Just so proud. 

The doctor and I commenced job and after few hours we were done. 

"We are done , sir" The doctor said and he stood. 

He went to check his mom and the look on his face tells that he loves his mom so much. 

"Good job , now leave " 

"Sir , I think you should let her rest" I suggested and the doctor pinched me quickly that I shouldn't have made any statement. 

"Who are you? Do you know who I am? " He asked angrily and tried to look at my batch but unfortunately for him , my name wasn't written there. 

"What's you name?" He asked , by that time , the doctor had walked away. I guess he did not want to involve himself in some sort of problem that I have put myself into. 

Oh! So if he knows my name , he will put a call through and command me to be sacked immediately 

I looked toward the door without saying a word and realized that the door is opened wide. 

I ran out to his surprise ,this is the only source of income that I have and I'm in so much debt already. 

I can't afford to lose this job and I hope he does not recognize me.



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