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"My Beautiful Bride" Episode 73


Episode 73

(An Accident Occurred During Filming)

A short while later, in the dressing room.

The assistant’s small figure sneaked in quietly.

And in the front, Lin Che had just finished doing her make-up. She heard the uproar coming from outside but could not find Yu Minmin anywhere. She could only ask the make-up artist what had happened. The make-up artist said, “The situation must be like this because Gu Jingyu arrived.”

Just as she was done speaking, sure enough, she saw Gu Jingyu directly push open the door to the dressing room and walk inside.

It was the first time the make-up artist had ever seen Gu Jingyu coming to the common dressing room. When she saw Gu Jingyu, she beamed with happiness.

And Gu Jingyu came directly to Lin Che’s side. He sat down, smiled, and said, “Hey, I see you’ve lost weight. Is it because you couldn’t see me everyday after filming ended so you became more and more emaciated from missing me?”

“…” Lin Che looked at him speechlessly.

Beside them, the make-up artists were listening to their conversation. They did not expect Gu Jingyu to actually be such a jokester. He was vastly different from the image they had of him prior to this. Furthermore, he was the kind of person who usually brought his personal stylist everywhere with him. He was not someone whom average make-up artists like them could come into contact with. All of them were very happy to be able to see Gu Jingyu so closely this time.

After some time, the director sent someone to tell them to hurry up because the recording was about to begin.

Lin Che rushed to do the finishing touches on her make-up. Then, she put on the clothes that she had brought here herself.

She was dressed in a short off-shoulder dress which had floral patterns embroidered on it. It was matched with stilettos below and made it extremely comfortable to look at. It was very suitable for participating in a variety program like this one.

Gu Jingyu patted her shoulder. “Do your best.”

Lin Che was still a little nervous. She drew in a deep breath before walking inside.

In no time, the program began along with some music.

Because Gu Jingyu was here, the production team did not dare to take it too far. There were very few game segments and they mainly did an interview with Gu Jingyu as the focal point.

From the side, Lin Che saw Lin Li walk out as well.

She glanced at Lin Che and snorted. With a haughty expression, she lifted her head.

Then, all of the main production members came on stage. Lin Che stood on the tall stage as she looked at the fans and audience who filled the venue. They were cheering enthusiastically below. The huge lights were shining on Lin Che and they made her face heat up.

Just when Lin Che was about to move forward, Lin Li pushed her quickly to the side.

Lin Che blanked out. She still had very little experience on stage and momentarily did not really know how to best squeeze herself back in.

Right at this moment, she felt Gu Jingyu grab her firmly and pull her directly to stand beside him.

The seasoned and experienced host there naturally noticed this incident immediately. He broke into a smile as he looked at the team of people lining up properly. His gaze swept over Lin Che and Gu Jingyu.

“Earlier we noticed that when Jingyu realized that Lin Che had no place to stand, he immediately pulled her over to to the space beside him.”

Instantly the host made Gu Jingyu and Lin Che the topic of conversation.

From behind, Lin Li looked at Lin Che who was standing next to Gu Jingyu. Her face was completely stiff.

Lin Che’s face showed her slight embarrassment at being talked about like this. Then, Gu Jingyu said with poise, “It’s Lin Che’s first time on stage. She doesn’t have a lot of experience. As her senior, I must give her a hand.”

The host said immediately, “Aiyo, Jingyu is so thoughtful. Lin Che, how about it? How does it feel to be cared for by Jingyu?”

Lin Che smiled and said, “It feels… I think that after the filming, I thought that I might be beaten to death by his fans. Is the security for your program good? Will you be responsible for sending me back later?”

Upon hearing this, everyone proceeded to laugh.

Lin Che seemed to gradually get a feel for this. Because the conversation revolved around Gu Jingyu, there were consequently more topics of conversation involving her. For the most part of the interview, she actually had opportunities all the time.

On the other hand, Lin Li only had a few. She was mentioned only during the introduction and again interviewed for a while regarding her recent engagement. Apart from that, she did not appear in many frames.

Lin Li’s complexion darkened out of anger. She glared at Lin Che who was laughing and joking in the front. When Lin Che was being interviewed, she spoke in a very lively and easygoing manner. It made people feel at ease. Seeing that the reactions to her interview were so good, Lin Li all the more could not help but think to herself, This was only because she had Gu Jingyu’s help, hmph.

Lin Li thought viciously, But you won’t be able to enjoy it for too long.

As she thought this, she glanced maliciously at Lin Che’s stilettos.

Now, the host instructed all of the main members of the production team to pick up the sweets in the basket altogether and distribute them to the audience down below.

The audience immediately went into an uproar. They kept asking for sweets especially when they looked in Gu Jingyu’s direction.

Lin Che had just grabbed a handful of sweets. When she threw them down, she already felt that something was wrong with her shoes. Frowning, she wanted to look down at it but again, she did not have time to do so. When she grabbed a fistful of sweets again, she only heard her shoe heel move all of a sudden.

Lin Che’s feet slipped under her and she nearly fell immediately.

Someone behind her cried out in alarm.

Fortunately, Gu Jingyu quickly held Lin Che up from beside her.

The heel of Lin Che’s shoe had broken.

Behind, the host froze. “Oh no, your shoe is spoilt. Change into another pair.”

Lin Che’s face turned completely red. She sensed that the camera was still filming her. In a moment of anxiousness, she lifted her head, smiled, and said, “Could it be that I’ve already gotten this heavy? My high heels can’t even bear my weight.”

Everyone laughed out loud upon hearing this. Lin Che made up her mind at that moment and directly removed her shoes. She broke off the heel of the offending high-heeled shoe and smoothly removed her other shoe as well. With a forceful knock against the stairs, the heel of that shoe similarly broke off neatly. She tossed the heels aside swiftly and put on her shoes under everyone’s astonished gazes. “All done.”

The host stared with his mouth agape. However, his response was still very quick. “Lin Che, you’re too tough.”

Beside her, Gu Jingyu also chimed in. “Yes. No one in the production team sees her as a woman.”

Lin Che raised her head, looked at the camera lens, and broke into a smile.

The entire series of impressive actions earlier was directly stored in the camera.

Below, the director smiled and nodded as he looked on. He did not forget to give a short reminder to his assistant. “Leave this part in. This scene looks good and it has effect too. We can use it as the preview.”

The people below the stage could not help but look at Lin Che as well. Contrary to expectation, this lass was fairly decisive.

Lin Li snorted at the back. She felt much more refreshed as she watched Lin Che embarrassing herself in the front.

It was just that she did not expect Lin Che to actually stay calm in the crisis and directly smooth over the embarrassment. It was really a pity that she did not take a bad fall.

Lin Che returned to the filming. She looked back and coincidentally saw Lin Li’s proud gaze. She immediately started thinking.

Until the end of the program, everything proceeded smoothly.

Gu Jingyu got off the stage and looked at Lin Che. “Is your leg alright?”

Lin Che raised her head and smiled. “I’m fine. Thank you for today.” She was really grateful to Gu Jingyu for helping her out so much all the time.

Gu Jingyu said, “What’s the point of only saying it? Next time, treat me to a meal.”

Lin Che agreed easily. “Alright, definitely.”

Thereafter, she saw Lin Li walk past her from the side with her head held high. The smile on Lin Che’s face froze as she watched Lin Li pass by.

By this time, Yu Minmin had already returned.

“What exactly happened just now?” Yu Minmin had also been shocked upon seeing such a scary scene from below.

Lin Che picked up her high heels. “I don’t know what happened. These shoes are probably very expensive.”

Yu Minmin held up the shoes to examine them for a bit. She said, “This was obviously ruined by someone. There are cut marks over here.”

Lin Che narrowed her eyes, snorted, and said, “I know who did this.”

Lin Li. Who else could it be but her?





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