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"My Beautiful Bride" Episode 72


Episode 72

(What is Your Face Getting Red For?)

Gu Jingming’s gaze swept astutely over the two people. He looked at them for a short while and smiled knowingly.

Mu Wanqing immediately thought about Gu Jingming’s marriage again.

“Jingming, look at how blissful your younger brother is now. You should hurry up and make arrangements to find one too.”

“Mother, don’t trouble yourself so much with my affairs. Anyway, you want a grandchild, so you should urge Jingze to try harder. That is more practical.”

Why did he drag her and Gu Jingze into this again?

Lin Che quickly straightened her back in an awkward manner.

Mu Wanqing hummed. “That’s not possible. You’re older than both of them but you still haven’t found a girlfriend. What is this?”

Lin Che knew that from the moment the President took up the office, many people would speculate about his marriage. However, Gu Jingming simply never worried about it.

He had been in office for almost three years. Everyone began to wonder why Mr. President was still not married.

Initially, no one brought this up in the open anymore. But coincidentally, another general election was being held again. Whether or not he could take up an additional term still depended on how the last months of this year would turn out.

Thus, Gu Jingming’s marriage was once again brought up as a topic for discussion.

Thereafter, Mu Wanqing said directly, “The room you’ll be using tonight has already been tidied up. Alright. I won’t disturb you two any longer. Go back and rest. Don’t don’t chat too long with Jingming, Jingze. Lin Che will be very bored if she’s left alone in the room.”

Lin Che immediately looked at Gu Jingze opposite her.

They were staying here again…

Knowing that the two brothers had not met for a long time and probably had a lot to talk about, Lin Che tactfully left this place first.

As he watched Lin Che leave, Gu Jingming smiled and said to Gu Jingze, “Sister-In-Law seems not that bad.”

Gu Jingze sighed. “Still, we were forced into this.”

Gu Jingming broke into a smile. He gazed at Gu Jingze. “From what I see right now, not everything is because it was forced. You mean that you’re also forced to treat her well?”

Gu Jingze said, “Since I married her, she’s my wife. I should treat her a little better. She’s only 23 years old. This kind of marriage life is slightly too unfair for her, especially if I don’t treat her well.”

Gu Jingming looked away in deep thought and did not speak.

However, Gu Jingming suddenly thought of something and asked, “That day, you called to ask me about a person; I forgot her name. Who accidentally crashed into the convoy of the Glass Palace?”

The President’s residence was called the Glazed Tile Palace, so the convoy was also accordingly called the Glazed Tile Palace Convoy. They were the strictest security guards by the President’s side.

Gu Jingze recalled the events of that day. “That’s right. She was Lin Che’s manager. Did she cause you any alarm that day?”

Gu Jingming’s eyes paused before turning slightly colder. “No.”

“That’s good.”

“What’s her name?”

“Yu Minmin, I think,” Gu Jingze said.

Gu Jingming nodded his head, his attitude still cryptic.

The two of them talked about important matters for a short while before returning to their respective rooms.

Gu Jingming watched Gu Jingze leave and said to his General Secretary beside him, “Go and investigate Yu Minmin. Ensure that she didn’t leave any trace of what happened that day.”

The General Secretary naturally understood him. He nodded before taking his leave.

Lin Che had paced up and down the room for a long time. It was only when she heard the door move that she jumped directly down from the bed.

When she saw Gu Jingze enter, Lin Che shouted at Gu Jingze with a red face, “Gu Jingze, what were you doing just now?”

Gu Jingze’s face was completely neutral. “What did I do just now?”

Looking at him feign innocence, Lin Che yelled even more angrily, “You were touching me secretly under the table!”

Gu Jingze sat down and raised his head to look at Lin Che. “So what?”

“You, you, you. You were taking liberties with me!”

Gu Jingze shrugged and said, “I did that to make our married life appear more realistic.”

Lin Che was completely dumbstruck. “In that case, your performance just now was natural enough.”

Gu Jingze smiled and said, “You were very natural too.”

“No, no, no. My acting skills are bad. I wasn’t as natural as you were.”

Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows. He smiled and said, “So what you mean is that your earlier expressions were your genuine reactions? Then… when your face got red, it was a natural response?”

At his remark, Lin Che’s face began to redden even more. “Whose face was red?!”

“Do you want me to get a mirror for you to look into?” Gu Jingze said as he stood up and inched closer to her.

Lin Che hurriedly took a few steps backward. “No need!”

Lin Che really had to hand it to him. In that type of situation, he could actually still play his role so well. Even now, he acted so colorfully and rendered her unable to distinguish between what was real and what was not.

She looked at Gu Jingze’s pressing gaze as he smiled faintly. It was so deep that it seemed like he was about to look into her soul. She quickly went into the bathroom as an excuse. She was going to shower, change her clothes, sleep early, and leave this place quickly.

In short, visiting the Gu residence less often in the future was still more ideal.

Even now, she seemed to still be able to feel his lingering touch at the base of her thigh. A shock of electricity streaked across and caused her to shake her head frantically to forget that feeling of intense passion.

The next day.

Lin Che followed the company to participate in the filming of ‘National Winner’, a popular variety program with extremely high viewer ratings.

The company regarded this as a highly important matter and Yu Minmin borrowed a very expensive piece of clothing on Lin Che’s behalf.

As she looked at the clothes and high-heeled shoes in the bag, Yu Minmin smiled and said, “These are really not bad. However, the Gu family should have piles and piles of clothing that are more expensive than these.”

Lin Che said, “Really? But I don’t really know how to look at brands, so I don’t know which ones are expensive. Can Sister Yu come over next time and help me look?”

“Me? Forget it. Does the Gu residence simply allow anyone to go in?”

“Uh? Can’t you just go in whenever you want?” Lin Che was slightly astonished.

Yu Minmin could not be bothered to explain to her. “Of course, you can casually go in. That’s not the case for the rest of us. Alright, go get ready and do your make-up.”

Very soon after, Lin Che arrived at the television broadcast station.

This program had an exclusive dressing room. Lin Che was very excited all the way and looked around everywhere.

After some time, Lin Li arrived too.

Upon seeing that Lin Che had actually come to participate in the program, she snorted and walked past Lin Che.

“Now, this program has also downgraded. Any cat or dog can come and participate too.” Lin Li’s fairly loud voice traveled from behind her.

Yu Minmin glanced at Lin Che and said to Lin Che as if she was merely making small talk, “I heard that Senmira just had all her schedules canceled. I don’t know if that’s true or false. Someone saw her moonlighting at a small town. She even goes for events that pay ten thousand each. It seems like she really needs money.”

Behind them, Lin Li’s expression changed immediately when she heard this.

When she thought of Gu Jingze, her heart was indeed fearful. She snorted and raised her head haughtily. In her high heels, she walked out and said, “The air here is really bad. Let’s go. We’ll look for a private dressing room to do my make-up.”

Lin Li left noisily with her assistant in tow.

Lin Che said, “Wherever she goes, she kicks up a fuss, seriously.”

Yu Minmin smiled. However, she saw that her phone was ringing. When she looked at the number, her heart jolted. Before leaving, she said to Lin Che that she was going out to answer a call.

Yu Minmin only answered the call when she went outside.

“Hello, how are you?”

“Miss Yu, there are some things that I want to discuss with you a bit in person. If it’s convenient for you, I can go look for you.”

Yu Minmin drew in a deep breath. “I already told you. That day was just an accident. I didn’t have any ulterior plans.”

“Can we meet in person to talk?”

“Alright… if you’re worried that I recorded your voice secretly, then let’s just meet and talk.”


Lin Li sneaked glances at Lin Che inside. She was so angry that her face was completely green.

She pulled her assistant beside her, over to her and said, “Look for Lin Che’s clothes later. Do you see that bag of hers? The clothes she’ll be wearing tonight are definitely inside. Later, just go in…”




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