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"Melting My CEO's Heart" Episode 7

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 7 

After exiting the reception area, Liz found that she was near the doors through which she had entered the enormous central building of Happle, Inc.

It had been written clearly in the contract that all the formalities would be taken care of after a few hours of signing, meaning that she would only officially be joining the next day.

Making sure that her old Nokia phone was charged, she left through the doors knowing that she could be reached if there was anything the company wanted to contact her for.

It was a generally cool day, making it so that Liz enjoyed the walk through the carefully pruned gardens and lush trees that were everywhere in the 200-acre sprawling complex.

Checking the time, she realized that the bus wasn't due till 2 hours later, but Liz didn't mind.

The bus stop was a 20-minute brisk walk from where she stood, but Liz took her time and enjoyed the beautiful location which seemed to emphasize more on the concept of 'open space'.

Whenever she felt that her mind was too cluttered, Liz loved to go on such walks where she could be lost in her thoughts.

This would always result in her being able to get back to work with a renewed enthusiasm and energy.

It was the same now. After reaching the bus stop and taking a seat on the wooden bench, Liz felt refreshed.

The events since the morning had been just a little too fantastical, and she had been feeling a little fatigued because of the fact that she wasn't used to so many emotions and things happening in such a short time.

Of course, remembering Jenny's expression when she had said those words, Liz smiled again and mused that the satisfaction that came from instantly getting payback and putting people in their place was really something else.

Seeing that there was still an hour and a half to wait, Liz started clearing the bench around her from all the leaves so that she could take a more comfortable seat.

Yet, as she was doing so, she felt startled as she heard a car's horn blare behind her.

What the heck? Weren't cars supposed to be loud?

Annoyed that she had almost fallen down ruined the best dress she had, she turned around to see just who it was that had honked on the open road.

Yet, as soon as she did, she saw a man sitting in the driver's seat of one of the most luxurious cars she had ever seen.

It was a Mercedes Benz S-class, with battery-powered driving capabilities which explained why she hadn't been able to hear it approach her.

As she took it in its sloping curves, immaculate design, and broad length by turning her head, she realized that it was probably someone asking for directions.

Just as she was about to ask what the man needed, he said something which made her take a sharp breath.

"Miss. Elizabeth? I am Rao, your new chauffeur. A top-class employee of Happle Inc. can't wait around for a bus! Please get in."

Before she knew it, the man had exited the car and stood holding the back door open, looking at her with an amiable smile on his face.

He was dark-skinned, with a handlebar mustache and a slight belly. Middle-aged, he was clad in a black uniform with a cap that he was currently holding at his chest politely.

Liz had indeed read that she would be assigned a chauffeur, but she had assumed that it would be some normal car with a driver dropping and picking her up on a nominal basis.

Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that it would be a treatment that only VIPs could hope for.

"Are-are you sure you brought the right car?"

She asked, unable to take her eyes off the plush interiors which were visible through the open door.

"Oh Madam, I must apologize."

Hearing this, Liz first relaxed thinking that her supposition was right.

Yet, what Rao said next first startled her before making her laugh out loud.

"The Bentley is reserved for the CEO, but I will be sure to ask him next time whether we could take it for a spin."

The joke cracked the tense atmosphere that Liz had been subjected to since the morning, finally allowing her to relax and adjust to everything that was happening.

Entering the car and sinking into the seats which made her feel that she was sitting on a sofa, Liz looked out the window at the complex which she had just come out of.

Taking a deep breath and looking forward to what lay in store for her in this new phase of life, Liz answered, "While you're at it, ask about the private jet too. And if anyone questions you, just tell them that you were ordered by Elizabeth Redmaine, Personal Assistant to Mr. William Bradshaw, CEO of Happle, Inc." 





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