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"Melting My CEO's Heart" Episode 11

Melting My CEO`s Heart

Episode 11

(top-level contract)

At precisely 8:05 AM, the Mercedes rolled onto her street before stopping exactly in front of her.

After she got on quickly while shivering, she saw Rao's cheery smile as he turned around and greeted her, saying, "Good Morning, Miss! Chilly day, isn't it! Well, you won't have to wait on the road from next week…you'll be moving into the private villa! Excited?"

All high-level employees of Happle, Inc. were given private villas based on their position. Also, employees had an option whether to live on the complex or in the city.

Derek's eyes had opened wide when she told him about this, and he had chattered repeatedly about it until he went to sleep.

Smiling at his warm greeting, Liz answered, "Good Morning! Yes, but more than me, my little brother can't wait to see it. What would you suggest, by the way? Staying in the city, or on the complex?"

When she had Derek the same question, the kid had repeatedly gone back and forth between both, as he didn't even know what each entailed.

Liz was in the same position, hence, she chose to ask this chauffeur who seemed to know everything.

"The complex, of course! I mean, although the villas in the city are better overall, from what I've heard, they aren't worth the decrease in pay."


Decrease in pay? What decrease in pay?

Recalling the contract again, Liz was sure that there had been no mention about it anywhere.

Yet, Rao was saying employees had to pay extra to stay in the city?

Then, maybe the pay wasn't the only thing that was different about the contract?

Hearing the awkward sound that Liz made on hearing him say this, Rao also paused and didn't say anything, wondering if he had spoken something wrong.

After a few moments, Liz said hesitantly, "What if…there is no extra pay needed? What would you suggest then?"

Hearing no answer, Liz looked towards the front of the car to see that Rao was actually looking at her through the rear-view mirror.

"A top-level contract? Miss, are you sure you read it right?", he asked in a disbelieving tone, prompting Liz to once again think about the terms she had read multiple times. In fact, the first part had been said in a whisper so low that Liz had almost not caught it.

"Yes, I'm sure. What's a top-level contract?"

By this point, they had already gotten on the highway which was empty for the most part at this time.

Hence, taking a deep breath, Rao put the car on cruise-control before looking at her again through the mirror and saying, "Happle, Inc. has two types of employees: "Valued" and "Essential". Although both are positive words, there are a lot of differences between the two. Essential employees are given the best perks, with the company choosing to go out of its way to fulfill most or even all of their wishes to ensure that they don't even think of leaving. Valued employees, on the other hand, are given far lesser perks, and even if they choose to be poached by a different company, Happle wouldn't bat an eye. What I don't understand is, Essential employees are typically those who have already in the company for decades, understanding the critical core of the business which gives them immense value-so, they are usually white-haired old men and women in top positions. I've never heard of a new employee getting the same benefits! If you don't mind me asking, who approved your job?"

Her head reeling from all the information which had just been dumped on her, Liz first took a few seconds to collect her thoughts before saying, "It was the CEO, Mr. William Bradshaw, himself."

Hitting the steering wheel with the palm of his hand as if he had figured out something, Rao said, "Then it makes sense! With the other P.A.s, the CEO interviews them, but the one approving the contract is a different committee. Miss, the CEO has definitely seen something in you! Now, I have hope that I will actually drive you around for a longer time than the others! Haha!"

At the end, Rao laughed to himself while Liz looked on, not knowing what to think.

He had seen something in her? What?

How much ever she thought about the interview, all she recalled was being rude to the point of deserving to be thrown out. What had the CEO been able to see in that?

Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice that the car had pulled over beside some sort of a cafe.

Puzzled, she asked, "What happened? Isn't the complex over an hour away?"

"Oh, I guess you didn't get the message. Mr. William asked me to bring you here, not the complex. From what I've heard since the morning, it seems what you jested about the private jet might come true sooner than you think. Have a good day!" 





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