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"Addicted To Him" Episode 84


Written ✍ by feathers 

Episode 84

Miguel POV

I got home and staggered upstairs to my room I collapse to the ground and cried like a child. 
Calling sawyer's name talking of how we did silly things

I heard the door open I looked at it was another sawyer 
God why do I keep seeing her everywhere I go. 

"Oh great another sawyer from my imagination " I said sarcastically 

"No its not your imagination its me your sawyer " she said but I wasn't buying it 

" really then what are you doing here or you wanna add more slaps" I said nonchalantly.. 

"Stop it Miguel its me sawyer " she said and hugged me to her self 

That strawberry scent made me realize it was truly sawyer but I thought she is mad at me


"Shh my love don't say a thing, am sorry for everything am sorry for pushing you away am sorry Miguel "she sobbed 

I held on to her tightly 

"Am sorry too I was a fool and a coward "I signed sadly 

"Please don't say that my ❤️ love, you look messy let's get you cleaned up  " she said and helped me to the bathroom 

Like seriously I feel so complete am happy she forgave me 

Sawyer's POV 

Am so happy I made up with Miguel thanks jenny I owe her a bunch. 

He came outta the closet looking refreshing and handsome. At the same time I couldn't help but drool but I was quick to control myself 

"Am sorry sawyer brown I wasn't there when you needed me the most am the biggest fool on earth please forgive me " he said holding his ears like a cute puppy

"Its okay have forgiven you "I said with a smile 

"I love you so much sawyer you my forever " he said and kissed my forehead 
As his breath fanned my face. 

I blushed abit

"I love you much more " I said 

As he crashed his lips on mine. Oh how much have missed this lips. 

I deepen the kiss as I encircled my arms around his neck 

He brought the kiss afterwards as he fell asleep in my hands 

We ended up cuddling each other to sleep

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  1. Awwwwwww lovely reunion๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. Nice one happy at last #mhis omolara

  3. can't help but smile. nice reunion thanks for putting the twins to shame.# itz mhiz ezenwa


  5. Thank God you guys are back i can sleep soundly

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  7. Good to know that they have reconside

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