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"Addicted To Him" Episode 82


Written ✍ by feathers 

Episode 82

Miguel POV 

Omg what's going on, one minute I thought it was sawyer at the club to the extend I had to make out with her thinking she is actually sawyer 

Another minute sawyer walked in on us having sex it was then realization hit me that it wasn't sawyer I was having sex with but rather a cheap slut 

Gush I felt disgusted that I had to push her off me. 

The look on sawyer's face says it for sure. 
Oh  God what have I done

Now I know for sure she won't forgive me. 
I tried to explain to her that I didn't know what I was doing, was under the influence of alcohol 

A hot slap landed on my face, gush sawyer had never raised her hands to hit me before. 

I stood up got dressed immediately  and tried to run after her but I couldn't move very well for the drink still had its effect on me. 
I managed to get out of the pub but there wasn't any cab around.

 I just hope she doesn't do anything stupid, stood still for a while with 😥 sweating like someone who had ran a race

. Not too long a cab halt in front of me. I got in and told the cab man my house address , he nodded and zoom off

Unknown POV 

"Did you do what I asked of you?? " he asked

"Yeah I did, the girl came in a short while she got the text and also I made sure the stripper has everything on tape" I said 

"Good job, I will send your pay to you later " he said 

I nodded and stepped down from his car as he brought the engine to life and zoom off

I watched him zoom outta sight, I whistle and walked back to the pub when  

A fierce looking bitch approached me

She dragged me up by the collar with one hand 

What the heck is this a lady or a guy 

Fear grip me instantly.

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  2. Go Trina!!😁

  3. Thank goodness.. Jenny u re the best

  4. Thank GOD You are in for it now #harhyor mi le

  5. get to work triana.
    # itz mhiz ezenwa

  6. Deal wit her so DAT she will confess

  7. I knew it that stupid joe I just pray Sawyer will try and reason #sussan chidinma asonye

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