Saturday, 14 October 2017

"Davido is responsible of our death" - Late Davido's friend ghost (Tagbo Umeike) appears to a friend

A report from a friend to late Tagbo Umeike said that his friend appears to him and explain how Davido plans their death, saying that the artist is responsible of his friends death. 

He further discloses the report he got from his late friend (Tagbo) concerning his demise, saying that Davido who is being alleged of murdering two of his friends was guilty of all allegations. He said that Davido drug them and left them to die inside his car.

According to him, he said that davido belong to kind of secret cult and he uses his friends to complete his ritual right. According to the statement from the Lagos state commissioner of police, saying that Davido lied of staying in the same club where Tagbo meet his sudden demise. 

The friend to Tagbo later discloses that Davido flew to club DNA at victoria Island, just immediately his men completed their task of killing him, then orders them to take the corpse to the state hospital and strictly warned them not to disclose his involvement or being around.

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